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Specialists Builders of Loft Conversions & Extensions

Also Experts in Roofing & Garage Conversions

We are a Local, Family run Building Contractor business based in Wednesbury & Walsall, Birmingham.

Established for over 30 years. Expert & Professional Competitive Prices. Top Quality Tradesmen.

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We are happy to discuss your ideas and can provide lots of useful advice. We provide a whole range of other services too. 

Why choose Us?

8 Key benefits to our customers are;

1. Booking Fee: we only require a £200 non-refundable Booking Fee to secure your diary slot.

2. Start dates: we provide a Guaranteed exact week commencing date that we will start. 

3. Clarity: The process – we offer a free no obligation quotation, visit all potential customers during which we provide referrals to other high quality services e.g. kitchen fitter, plumbers, architects, etc. even if you don't choose us as your builder.

4. Great communication;  we believe in happy customers so...

  • Talking: we talk through the job with you from start to finish i.e. this is what we are going to do.
  • Email: a working schedule that includes a progression plan, a staged build report, and payment plan.
  • Updates: by providing a weekly progression report either by telephone or face to face meeting; we give honest answers to any questions (even if it's not what you want to hear) e.g. Q: Is this going to be stressful? A: Yes it will but we will carry as much of the stress as possible.

5. Reassurance: you need to know we are reputable (i.e. not dodgy), knowledgeable & have strong references from others within the industry e.g. building inspectors, trade suppliers, etc. We also offer you the an invitation to visit an existing job at 4-5 weeks so that you can see work in progress and speak to an existing/current customer.

6. Reliability: where ever possible, most jobs are completed within the promised time frame. Our customers can testify to this.

7. Resolving Issues: if problems occur (and sometimes they do) we will deal with them as much as possible eg. delivery problem/delay – we will go the extra mile & collect materials so it doesn't become an issue or delay the project.

8. Keeping it SimpleDrawings – if none are available we will provide a clear ballpark price for the job. We then recommend name the name of an architect who will do a mock up for free and only charges for finished drawings e.g. technically correct for a planning application. If there are completed drawings, we will quote "as per drawings" (meaning if ground conditions are not ideal when we start we may need a 'wrap system' of footings for instance). We will be honest and up front about this as there can be additional costs (architects drawings often don't reflect this). 

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Why not Contact Us or give us a call on 07731 828 823 to see how we can help.

Also providing services in West Bromwich, Great Barr, Sutton Coldfield, Cannock & surrounding areas.

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